Friday, November 26, 2004

Are the Trails Open?

"Whenzit gonna snow? Whenzit gonna snow?" Everyone seems to be asking. People, people, how long have you lived in what used to be called snow country? Have you paid no attention to the changing climate? Don't do this to yourselves.

It will snow when it snows. Even in the legendary past, nothing was guaranteed. All the positive vibes in the world won't make it snow. Wheedling, threatening, reverse psychology, none of these will make it snow.

It wouldn't be so annoying if I didn't know that all these upbeat cheerleaders for the coming winter are just going to turn into bitter vials of verbal acid by the first of the year if they don't get a rapid return on their emotional investment. Either that or they'll continue to chirp inanely about how great it would have been if all that rain we just got had been snow.

A positive attitude is great. Now shut up and keep its radiance to yourself, because it verges on delusional. Be prepared for anything. That could mean days of crisp powder or a tropical deluge in January. We have had both.

The truth will set you free. If you can go out running in the rain in January, or bite the bullet and stomp out a quick 20 on the fixed gear in what you thought would be the middle of ski season and still have a good outlook, I am truly impressed. If you don't get what you like, learn to like what you get. And shut up about the weather. It's not listening and I wish I didn't have to.

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