Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Gift

How can you not like a region with a climate so indifferent to human desires? Good old New England.

Close to three inches of rain in places, and howling winds, while the midwest digs out from a foot or two of snow.

My physician is a runner. He'll ski cross-country sometimes, and bike a little in season, but he's basically a runner. His suggestion for winter exercise is studded running shoes. Apparently, dedicated runners in northern climes are studding up their shoes with sheet metal screws, the way mountain bikers did with their tires before really nice studded tires were available for them. Crunch, crunch, crunch, go for a jog on the armor plate left behind by a heavy rain followed by a hard freeze.

Groomers will chew the frozen concrete where enough remains to till. We will ski on it and hope for better days. It's fast skating. You want to be first down any hill, so you have something in which to set an edge. Be considerate, and use alternate-edge braking techniques so you don't just scrape the whole thing bare for whoever comes after you. There's a reason they call the wedge a snowplow.

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