Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Need Exercise

It's pretty simple: I need to ski or I start feeding on human flesh. Feeding on human flesh isn't nearly as satisfying as skiing, but it's what I feel like doing when I don't get to ski.

For a day or two I can fall back on spiritual resources to carry me through a period when I'm too busy to get out and flail the predatory urges out of myself with a few kilometers of exertion. But the stress builds, especially serving the recreating, vacationing public. I need those endorphins to reinforce my minimal tendency to be hospitable.

Keep me cooped up for too long and you'll find me over the body of my latest victim, a trachea dangling from between my clenched teeth.

Trust me, it will have been someone annoying. Even so, it always seems to have repercussions.

A lot of people seem to go around cranky all the time. People who exercise regularly know how a good workout does a lot to take that edge off. People who haven't discovered this will try all sorts of other approaches.

We were meant to exert ourselves. You don't have to be anything like a world-class athlete. In fact, it's probably better if you aren't. But going out for a good hard run for an hour a day will do a lot to keep your outlook rosier. Around here, it's cross-country skiing. Somewhere else, or in another season, you might bike or run. You even get a little of the benefit from a good weight workout or a vigorous session on indoor simulators like exercise bicycles or ski machines. Those bore the hell out of me, but sometimes you just have to take it like medicine. Then, next chance you get, run and play outside.

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