Sunday, December 21, 2008

Conflicting Wisdoms

I was putting grip wax on my classical skis this morning when Peter the Great walked in.

"You're putting it on long," he said. "Real long," he added, as he looked again.

"It's for the new snow," I said. The big storm has begun, with up to 20 inches expected by the end overnight.

"You don't need to wax long for new snow," said Peter. "Just change your technique. If the snow is sticking and clumping, drive your foot forward to scrape it off on each stride."

"What about the unconsolidated snow shearing from itself?"

"Consolidate it yourself. Stomp harder on the track."

I'd learned about waxing long from Grand Master Thom at one of his clinics. I didn't make it up myself or get it from a random stranger. Waxing long has worked for me. But Peter's method sounds like it would work as well.

"I can't stand when people complain about their wax," Peter said. "Just ski through it. Try things."

Make it work.

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