Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Not Funny

A winter like we're having makes me hope there isn't a God. If a supreme being could let the entire winter sports industry in the northeast get pounded with excrement like this I would not want to live in that universe.

Winter recreation made winter worthwhile. Without it we might as well all be grumpy bastards just counting the days until we can move to Florida. I lived in Florida. I left. Doesn't that tell you something?

Florida's biggest pollutant is all the people pouring in there from colder climates, building developments, sucking up drinking water, pouring out waste and filling the roads, beaches and waterways with baking precancerous bodies. California may break off and slide toward Alaska, but Florida is just going to sag beneath the waves under its load of humanity, leaving a greasy slick behind.

We need winter to be winter, so people can be happy and prosperous here. We don't need another cursed rainstorm, followed by a thaw, followed by another rainstorm. I can't suggest a single thing to make outdoor sports fun in weather like that.

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