Thursday, January 12, 2006

Weird Winter Weather Drives Skiers Crazy

It rained hard most of last night. The snow outside the Jackson touring center looks like applesauce. So why do I keep getting calls from people who think this would be a good day to ski the famous Wildcat Valley Trail, also known as the Back Side of Wildcat or, simply, The Backside?

That last nickname plays nicely into jokes and scathing comments, so go ahead, let your imagination ramble a while.

The upper part of the trail is ungroomed, intended to provide the kind of skiing you might have found in the early years of New England skiing. While the trail itself is maintained, no one goes out to repair the snow after insult and injury from unseasonable warmth and wetness. In short, the Wildcat Valley Trail would be just about the worst choice for today. Yet it seems to be a number of people's first choice.

The lousy winter has probably convinced them to kill themselves.

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