Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reset Winter

Wednesday the temperature hit 70. The snow turned to slop. You could almost hear it shrivel as brown patches grew like runaway melanoma.

This morning we got up to about 16 inches of snow, topped with sleet and some freezing mist.

Automatically, Jackson will have no trouble operating through next weekend. The director plans to run through the end of the month. That remains to be seen. We could get hosed with hot water and set back to mud before then. But what's on the ground could probably withstand a few napalm runs before next Sunday. And none are in the forecast. Days will go above freezing, but nights drop back below.

South of J-town, the highs sound more hostile to the snowpack.

Today I had a decent time using Start Terva Blue for kick wax. The mist had glazed the surface so I did not have the same loose snow the early skiers had, but it all worked for the most part. The Terva was sticky enough to get a little grip on the glazed areas, but not so sticky that it picked up snow on the soft sections.

Pull the puppy, kick the ball. Pull the puppy, kick the ball.

I did feel like stabbing the bonehead who had stomped postholes with his hiking boots, walking his dog right down the middle of the ski trail, but he'd already done his damage and disappeared by the time I came through. All I could do was look at his handiwork and seethe. Kick the bonehead. Stab the bonehead. Kick the bonehead. Stab the bonehead.

Pet the puppy. It's not his fault.

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