Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Play is All Work!

On a farewell cruise out the Ellis River Trail today, I skated, because any option would be slow, and skate skis would probably be the easiest to clean afterwards.

At the end of any winter, all the dirt that has landed on the snow seems to float to the surface as the snowpack shrinks. Plant matter, sediment, springtails (also known as snow fleas) and other skiers' wax residue all add to the layer of scum atop the mush.

It was a beautiful day. Morning fog after last night's light snowfall gave way to sunshine and partly cloudy skies. I got out a little too late for the best of the skiing. The first shift got to enjoy the transition from fairly solid track to squishy slush. I found very little trail with a solid bottom to it. But I like the artful dance in search of the firmest of the soft, and the strongest push against a weak platform. I seemed to do a good job, overtaking many other skiers.

As fun as it was, it was continuous work. Sections I'd flown through on Wednesday in a V2 Alternate or even without poles at all I now trudged through in a resolute V1. But I needed the workout. I'm surprised I'm in any kind of shape after my off and on exercise schedule.

Now bike commuting begins. Weather always interferes with the first few days or weeks, but I am ridiculously persistent when there's no money in something.

The shop in Jackson is now closed. We still have to make it disappear so the golf shop that occupies the space most of the year can move in, but the customer service part is over.

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