Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Good, the Bad and No Relief Yet

Snow conditions are phenomenal. December 2007 was the snowiest on record in Concord. Even though we're facing a serious thaw next week, we have to get through two Arctic days and a fairly pleasant weekend to get there. Our multi-vendor demo day should attract a good crowd.

All well and good, but we have nothing to sell them. And K2 sold Karhu's soul to the devil, so all their skis are mounted with NNN.

I may be loading up a pack, snapping on the heavy boards with 75 mm and heading into the woods for good.

At this point, I have worked 13 days wrapped around a single day off, with four more ahead of me, including the demo day. As if mere civility weren't enough of a challenge, I will have to explain why the best snow conditions in 30 (thirty) years happen to coincide with a gear famine.

The few guests who remained when the massed onslaught withdrew yesterday still manage to demand full attention. One even quizzed me on the technical details of our facial tissues.

"Are they two-ply or three-ply?"

She did not say which she preferred. She did go on at length about how wonderfully cross-country skiing clears her sinuses.

I share your joy, lady.

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