Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have had no exercise of any kind since Sunday. This puts me in a very bad frame of mind.

I refuse to apologize for being an exercise addict. I figured out at a young age that humans get addicted to things, so they'd better choose those fixations wisely. I already loved junk food and pulp fiction, so I needed some offsetting habits. I hate puking, so bulimia was out.

The sun sets later now than at the start of the season, so if I dash right out of work I can crack off a few laps with some semblance of visibility before I have to grope. When that happens, I keep going around until I think I've pushed my luck far enough and then quit. From a conditioning standpoint, it's purely a token effort, but it keeps some kind of rhythm until I can give it a good shot later. I need to replace my high-powered headlamp, but I haven't seen one I really like yet.

The Surly Blog had a great list of symptoms of depression. My favorite was, "Drinking the same amount as usual but being less excited about it."

I have to finish brushing out my skis and put my ski clothes on so I can make a rapid exit at 17:00.

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